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12 Jun 2012

Top Five Poems for May 2012

Two Roads

Two paths going in opposite directions,
What path do I take? I’m open to suggestions,
I feel like I have lost my way,
Hard to find like a needle in hay,
I try to take a glimpse of the road in the distance,
My mind won’t let me, it is full of resistance.

I’m walking along this narrow path,
The secret of life I haven’t grasped,
No time to turn back and see what could have been,
Look ahead at this road and repent your sins,
The path you have taken might be a one way road,
The destination of your road is waiting to unfold.

This has to be a decision that only I can make,
This is my life and it all comes down to the road in which I take.

© Kafayat Obanigba

An Old Man Has Taken Over My Face
An old man has taken over my face
He’s moved his bags into my eyes
And set up lines where I smile
And painted my hair a ghostly white.
He’s planted hairs in my ears
And world weary cares in my head.
He’s borrowed my image
And buried it in furrowed brows and faded teeth.
He called unexpected and came unannounced
And frowns when I ask him to leave.

© Kaleem Raja


The horrific graveyard

changes into a beautiful garden

when she looks

all of a sudden.

The handicapped caterpillars

turn into colourful butterflies,

flowers blossom everywhere,

only when she smiles.

Only her eyes are enough

to change the day from the night,

and when she touches me

my heart begins to take a high flight.

Seeing her lips when

even enemies give up,

then what kind of animal I am?

Seeing her, I also remain as a faithful pup of her love.

© Li'l Poet NJ

Cutting The Ties That Bind

I stood in the centre of the room
Looking at the letters I had written to you
Lying on the floor like autumn leaves
Cast down by a cold north wind
You had brought them back to show me
As if I could not remember writing them
The pages of our relationship
Strewn like rose petals after the storm
I stooped to pick them up
To try and make some kind of order
Out of the chaos and realised then
That I had been doing this with our lives for some time
The futility of it all was evident
To all who cared to look I just never had
You looked at me then and I knew that all was lost
I can never see things as they really are
Until they are staring me in the face
I guess that’s just the way I am
Too late to change now you said
We have simply grown apart you added
I just didn’t understand your needs you finished
There was nothing simple about it from where I was standing
Surrounded by the wreckage of our life together
I remember other times when things were different
Choosing to remember the good rather than the bad
Has become a habit of mine it seems
After you had left, kissing me on the cheek like an old friend
I stood looking out of the window at you
Striding down the road with your shoulders back
Best foot forwards marching into your future
The one without me in it
Even then I could not help but wish you well
After all you are still my daughter
And nothing can change that

© Mike Green

Who’s Afraid Of The Bogeyman?

Who’s afraid of the Bogeyman?
You and I and us.
He stalks his prey by day or night
And leaves behind a fuss.
He’s the man in the park,
The stranger next door,
The shadow that hides by day.
The lady that has that strange look in her eye,
The lady you meet every day.
You see him in every harsh word,
You see him through your tears,
He’s there in every cruel act,
He’s there in all your fears.
He’s the person you’ve known
For all of your life
But turns on you each day;
And even though you fear him
You cannot run away.
He’s the person who abuses you,
The guy who makes you cry,
He strikes with all his harshest words
He kills and walks on by.
He’s you when you are hurtful,
When you make others cry,
He’s you when you strike with all your might,
With little thought of why.
He’s you when you humiliate
A person loved by you;
He’s everything you’ve always hated -
Yet continue to do.
You see him all around you
And you know him thus ...
Who then is the Bogeyman?
You and I and us.

© Jacinta Zechariah


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