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25 Aug 2016

The Life And Times - Winner

Everyone has a story. Every person experiences the ups and downs, the happiness and heartbreak that weave together to make up life. Whatever your experience we wanted you to use the power of the verse to us the story that deserves to be told.

Congratulations to our winner of £25...

Lucy Willett from Eastleigh
Poem Featured In
- The Life And Times
ISBN - 978-1-84418-710-2


They sit and watch the boy unwrap
His birthday gift, then they all clap
A fire truck, a normal toy
But Josh is not a normal boy
He’s 24, his mind is 5
He’s lucky that he is alive
Say luck, how can you call it that
To live your life as a lab rat
To be an adult and a child
Spoken to so slow and mild
Damaged body, fragile mind
Everybody’s far too kind
He’ll never walk
Or even talk
Narrow-minded people gawk
They bring him out his birthday cake
One wish they say, that he can make
He closed his eyes, and bowed his head...
This year he wished that he were dead
...They clapped again, but never knew
The painful prayer with which he blew.

© Lucy Willett

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