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28 Apr 2017

Road To Success Winner

How do we measure achievements? Is it by what we gain in the material - money, fame, possessions? Is it winning - getting to the top of our profession, sport or hobby? Or is it something much more intangible?

Achievements can be big, life-long successes - the house, the job, the family, climbing a mountain or finishing a degree - or they can be everyday - hitting your exercise target, trying something new, getting the baby dressed by midday! For some people, getting to the next moment is an achievement.

Whatever it is you're proud of, whether it's something measurable like getting a promotion or something abstract like facing a fear, whether it's your achievement or someone else's, and whether you're on your way or you've already succeeded, we wanted to read your thoughts in verse.

Congratulations to our winner of £25 and a copy of Road To Success...

Audrey Allocca from London


From the horror of war to the peace at home
But broken and injured and so alone.
No one can measure the depth of their pain
Coming to terms with their lives once again.
Through care and encouragement
They gradually pull through
Start believing in life, and I can do.
These brave men and women
Not looking for fame
Just be accepted and treated the same.
It was for our safety that they gave their all
Their brave call to duty, which caused them to fall.
We must never forget or cast them aside
Show compassion, give hope,
Help them to survive.

© Audrey A Allocca

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