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Our Top Five Poets and Poet of the Month selection is now featured on our Forward Poetry Social. To take part and become a future Top Five Poet or Poet of the Month please join our social for free and start sharing your poetry with other members!

Jacinta Zechariah

Jacinta has written and published poems in a few anthologies. An avid reader, she writes poetry on a range of topics. A mother of three, she finds little time to indulge in writing but pens down a poem every time she is hit by an idea.


Nicolette Golding

 Nicolette has had poems published in journals, anthologies, a couple on London buses. Nic enjoys going to and giving poetry readings, and is now enjoying living in Norwich where there's plenty of that sort of thing going on.


Caoilinn Hughes

I am an Irish writer, currently working on a PhD in Creative Writing at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand.

My poetry has previously been published in magazines and journals such as: Poetry Ireland Review, Poetry Now, Fortnight and many more.


Shiksha Dheda

I read 'Because I could not stop for Death' by Emily Dickinson and spent the rest of the day in deep thought and solitude pondering about the creative technicalities of the poem. I procrastinated all my other pending tasks and assessments due to this 'session of sweet silent thought'.


Christopher Sims

Christopher D Sims aka UniverSouLove is an internationally known poet, spoken word artist, performer, and recording artist. Born and raised in Rockford, IL, Christopher has grown a lot as a writer and artist since he delved into the poetry and spoken word realm in the late 90s.


Caroline Gardner

After graduating with a degree in English Literature and Language, including Creative Writing, at Goldsmiths College, University of London and completing a Graduate Diploma in Law at one of London's best law schools, BPP University College, I am turning my words into action and currently studying for a solicitor's training course (LPC) at BPP. But, to feed what I love to do, so far four of my poems have been published by the UK's largest publisher of new poetry, Forward Poetry, in four different anthologies.


Nandita Keshavan

I was born in Bangalore, India, but I really grew up in Trinidad and Tobago in the Caribbean. I have been studying in London for several years. I think poetry writing is an indulgence which I should give in to more often, because I really enjoy it.


Rick Bywater

My name is Rick and I was born and raised in Leeds, West Yorkshire. For me, writing poetry happened by happy accident. Many years ago I was asked to try my hand at writing a poem on occasion of a friend's birthday. Having never tried writing poetry before, I was quite shocked to find how enjoyable it was and even more shocked when people actually liked it! From that experience I was bitten by the bug and have been writing ever since.


Chris Jackson

 'Maybe I was never destined to be creative' would have been how I described myself when I was at school and throughout my career. Maybe I had never had the time to really focus on what creativity meant. I considered myself a failure as far as arts and crafts were concerned and that was the end of that!


Tim Kitchen

Although I didn't start writing poetry until I was well into middle age, it has certainly given me a fulfilment I would never have thought possible. My father was a poet so maybe it's in my genes. I do derive a lot of pleasure from listening to the lyrics of songs, which has probably influenced my preference for rhyme.


Ali Archer

Ali has been writing poetry for 20 years or so and, although they largely remain in her files, the poems occasionally see the light and are given as gifts or words of encouragement.  She has 2 children, wonderful girls, Laura 29 and Caroline 26 both of whom she is extremely proud. Ali has her own company offering accounting support and training but is also interesting in and studying to become qualified in holistic massage. 


Marc Brown

Hi, my name is Marc Brown. I'm 25 years old and from York, UK.

I've been writing since I was 16 and over the years my writing style has changed a lot as I have matured. Back then it was very 'teen angst-y' and now, in my eyes, the writing has matured with me.


Barry Pankhurst

My name is Barry Pankhurst; I was born in May 1946 in the town of Enfield, Middlesex, England, but now reside in Indonesia with my Indonesian wife Sumi and stepdaughter Yuni.


Jerry Ratcliffe

I was born and raised in Harrogate, North Yorkshire. I've moved and schooled between Rushden, Northants and back to Harrogate before finally settling in Norfolk. A celebrated academic underachiever, I now estimate commercial glazing contracts for a double glazing company in Norwich.


Liam Heaney

I was born and raised in Belfast and have been writing poetry for a number of years.  I have lived through the turbulent times in Northern Ireland but have made a conscious effort not to use the so-called 'Troubles' as a resource for my poetry. The themes or topics of my poems are quite varied but I often find myself returning to the natural world and to the wonders of science for inspiration.


Lizzy Dening

My name is Lizzy Dening, and I'm 24 years old. I'm a freelance journalist, and my two main passions are wildlife and poetry.


Jane Aldous

Poetry took a back seat whilst I concentrated on earning a living in the voluntary and public sectors however more recently I began writing poems again which felt like rediscovering my spirit.


Laura Cheshire

My parents tell me that they could not agree on a single boy's name when they were discussing naming the baby, so it's a very good job that I was a girl and they could christen me Laura Michelle Cheshire. I was born in the south east of England, and lived there until I was sixteen, when my mum remarried.


Tara Msiska

I have always loved poetry, from nursery rhymes my mum read to me as a child, to children's poetry books and anthologies as I grew up. I first started writing "poems" at home when I was six and have not stopped since. One of my poems was published in an anthology, 'Bright Voices', when I was 13. I was also given the opportunity to read one of my poems, 'Suffragette', on ITV's 'Lookaround' at age 17.


Mbizo Chirasha

I am an internationally acclaimed performance poet, writer and creative projects consultant. I have worked as a guest poet in Namibia, for a Haiti presidential fundraising project. I have also been poet in residence at the United Nations Information Centre, Zimbabwe from 2001-2008.


Bradley Middleton

My name is Bradley Middleton and I was born in Ashford, Middlesex in 1977. I graduated from Staffordshire University in 2000 with a degree in Philosophy. I developed a serious interest in literature whilst at university and over the last ten years it has developed into a great passion. I'm now a voracious consumer of books and poetry and a huge fan of the theatre. I have just completed a first draft of a play I've been working on for the last year and am hoping to follow up on some interest shown by a London theatre.


Stewart Green

I worked for the BBC for over 20 years in production, which was very rewarding. I took early retirement so I could make an effort to finally get a sitcom I've been working on completed. In my early years I was in a rock and roll band where I wrote and sang my own material. I have been writing poetry since a child so I thought I would write some new material, get it out there and see what happens.


Barry Van-Asten

My name is Barry Van-Asten and I was born in Birmingham, Warwickshire in 1969. As a young boy growing up 'midway, between the Rivers Cole and Rea', (now known as the Shire after Tolkien's childhood there) I became fascinated by reading and books in general; I began to collect rare editions, especially the works of Arthur Machen and Algernon Blackwood; in fact, my love of reading and books began with Poe's 'Tales of mystery and imagination'. It opened a doorway for me into a secret world of literature and it wasn't long before I began to write.


Susan Roberts

Firstly I am delighted that my poem has been chosen as the winning poem for March. I have been writing poetry for several years in my spare time as a hobby and I have had some modest success.

I have been living in Majorca for the last 36 years. My husband is Spanish and we have a son of 28 who is bilingual. I was born in Borehamwood, Hertfordshire and spent my childhood and adolescence there before moving down to Sussex when my father retired. I worked in a bank before flying off to the sun as a Thomson Rep in the 1970's.


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