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FloAnneMcmanus (525 )

Old Girl.

The frail old girl sits stooped in her chair,

Staring out of the window,

 With a tear welling up in her eye,

The chair tells a story of a century gone by,

Each tatter and chip holds a passing of life,

What has this old girl got left to live for,

Her body has known trouble and strife.


The legs are rickety on this old chair,

Her fingers struggle to write her name, which is Claire.

She struggles with a comb to comb her hair

Eyes strain focusing on what the Newspaper says.

Then she gets a cup of tea,

And hopes that this will break the monotony.

Does anybody care about the old girl in her chair.


The sun through the window shines bright on the tattered chair,

The Old girl smiles as her mind wanders back to her youth

at play,

The days when without care, she paddled and played all day,

In the stream that ran through the buttercup field in May.


Her eyes slowly close from the heat of the sun,

She dreams of the time her passing time will come,

The old girls body decided, enough time I've done.

The last breath of life is let out with a sigh.

All that is left is memories ingrained,

In that old and tattered , worn out chair.

it is now for sale, will anybody buy??


Posted 24/09/12 (10:46)

Hi FloAnne, That is just a beautiful poem, A last 'Goodbye' from a beautiful soul whose energy is now one with, and lives on in the sub particles of the chair and hopefully will bring the same peace to the energies of those who buy it and sit in it. Worth any price!!
by JosieDoherty
25/09/12 (14:27) (report this comment)
A beautifully written, sad, emotional flowing poem Floanne,there are a lot of elderly people who need considering in this world, sadly not enough of them get the help or understanding they deserve.xxxxxxxx
by kaz31
24/09/12 (15:10) (report this comment)
Very nice, full of emotion and very well written..well done....malcolm
by qintarra
24/09/12 (14:22) (report this comment)
Beautifully written with a sad and wistful tone. We very often don't consider the elderly.
by Lisa La Grange
24/09/12 (13:38) (report this comment)
Will anybody buy? I wonder too..emotional and well written Flo.
by Maverick
24/09/12 (11:55) (report this comment)
Hiya Floanne, nice little piece, maybe if it got restored someone might buy :-) Cheers Pete
by pete
24/09/12 (11:27) (report this comment)
Thanks Jessie x, I've heard about those who die alone, so the sentiments were about those folk. Flo.
by FloAnneMcmanus
24/09/12 (11:02) (report this comment)
Beautifully sad FloAnne, woven with a loneliness sadness about it and yet a calmness aswell. lol Jessie x
by dearestdaffodil
24/09/12 (10:49) (report this comment)

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